Getting Started


  • What do I need to access Blackboard?

    In order to access Blackboard, you need:

    A computer with Internet access
    A browser with cookies, JavaScript, and Java enabled
    An active İstanbul Bilgi University email address and password
    Blackboard is accessible via most major web browsers.

    This includes:
    Chrome 36+
    Firefox 31+
    Internet Explorer 11+ (Windows only)
    Safari 6+ (MacOS only)


    1. Use a browser that is on Blackboard's list of approved browsers:
    CLICK HERE for a list of supported browsers and plugins.
    Blackboard recommends to use regular laptop or desktop computers when taking Blackboard tests.

    2. Run Blackboard's browser-checker to make sure that your browser passes the test:
    CLICK HERE to run the Blackboard browser checker test to ensure that your browser and JRE will support all of the features of Blackboard Learn, especially if you will be taking tests in Blackboard.
  • How do I log in to BİLGİ Learn?

    Access BİLGİ Learn at İstanbul Bilgi University at
    NOTE: If you are already logged in to and are in an active session, simply click on the BİLGİ Learn button on and you will automatically login to Bb and be taken to your My Blackboard page.

    You need to have an active email account and a password in order to access BİLGİ Learn

  • What should I do if I cannot log in to BİLGİ Learn ?

    If you cannot log in to BİLGİ Learn try the following:

    All users must have an active İstanbul Bilgi University email address and SIS password in order to access BİLGİ Learn. If you do not know your email address, you can find it by getting in touch with The Student Affairs Office.
    Reset your password (if you don't know it): If you forget your SIS password, request a temporary password via SMS;
    For Temporary Password via SMS
    Type "bilgipass" and send the message to 2322

    * This is a paid service and the fees may vary by provider.
    * Make sure your phone number has access to special services

    After obtaining a temporary password you can go ahead and change it by following the steps on page.
    Make sure you are typing in your emial address and password correctly
    Check browser cookies and Javascript: If you have an active BİLGİ email and SIS Password, but still cannot access BİLGİ Learn, make sure you have cookies and Javascript enabled in your browser. You can also try logging in using a different browser.
    If the steps above do not resolve your BİLGİ Learn login issues, contact the UZEM Help Desk at address.